What Can We Do To Maintain A Ceramic Coating?


Ceramic Coating protects the exterior from environmental elements, enhancing the car’s value! But over time, your Ceramic Coating will not function well with improper care. How can we maintain Ceramic Coating in pristine condition! Let’s Gloss Technique in Fresno, CA, tell you!

What advantages does ceramic coating provide for your vehicle?

Ceramic Coating provides several advantages for both new and older automobiles. Therefore Ceramic Coating is the most acceptable alternative for car maintenance! Listed below are the exceptional benefits of Ceramic Coating, a paint protection technology that has been proven to last for years.

Protect Your Paint

Ceramic Coating offers a hard, protective covering for your vehicle, preventing harm from external substances. It may shield the car’s paint from UV radiation and direct sunshine, which can cause fading and oxidation.

Remove The Contaminants

Due to the hydrophobic qualities of ceramic coating, any dirt or debris rolls off the surface rather than being stuck in the vehicle’s microscopic pores. Your cars paint will last longer, resist water, and when it needs to be washed, it will be much easier to remove grime!

Make the surface glossy and shine.

Ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s exterior and gives it a lovely, candy-like finish that everyone will enjoy. It will bring out the finest in your car’s original paint job, restoring it to like-new condition!


Ceramic coating is a cost-effective solution for automobile owners, one of its many advantages. While the initial cost may be more significant, the long-term price will be cheaper since you will spend less time and money cleaning your vehicle.

Tips to keep a ceramic coated car in the best condition possible.

To keep Ceramic Coated vehicles surviving longer, we must safeguard the exterior’s sacrificial layer. Here are five ways to prolong the life of your ceramic Coating.

Step 1: Utilize the Two-Bucket Washing Method

The two-bucket washing technique minimizes swirl marks and provides the greatest results. Using the two-bucket approach, you soak your wash mitt in one bucket and clean it in the other after washing each portion of the vehicle.

Step 2: Clean Your Vehicle

Clean your vehicle every two weeks. Washing your car will aid in reducing the accumulation of impurities to an excessive degree.

Step 3: Never wash the car in direct sunlight

Direct sunlight creates heat, especially on dark automobiles. Wash your vehicle in a shaded place, outside and away from direct sunshine.

Step 4: Utilize safe automobile shampoo

Always use a professional, PH-neutral auto shampoo that contains neither wax nor polish — just plain old car shampoo. Always begin cleaning at the top and work your way down, rinsing each part as you go.

Step 5: Have Separate Wash Buckets and Mitts for Wheels and Lower Areas.

Brake dust and carbon deposits are small metal shavings built up on tires and wheels. You should not wash the cars paint with the same wash mitt you used on the wheels it will lead to many scratches.

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