Uncoated Car Problems And How Coatings Can Help


Problem 1: An uncoated car is at the mercy of the porous clear coat. That means that it is vulnerable to contaminants & is going to be a lot harder to wash because then clear coat naturally do not repel liquids or chemicals. In other words, it is not HYDROPHOBIC.

Problem 2: Since the porous clear coat is harder to wash, you will find yourself scrubbing more which adds swirls and scratches to your car ultimately effecting the clarity and depth of gloss. This is how new cars begin to look dull really quickly especially when going through automated car washes.

Solution: The solution is leveling your clear coat with a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating for cars Fresno will level your clear coat & because of the extremely hydrophobic nature of the coating, you will have a surface that repels liquid and contaminants making it extremely easy to wash. Ceramic coatings do not protect from scratches (they are not that thick) but!, they do help prevent them since you won’t have to scrub your vehicle nearly as much! You simply Rinse, Foam, Rinse, & lightly scrub areas that are overly dirty or riddled with bugs, tree sap, or bird droppings.

Gloss Technique is Fresno’s Top Rated paint protection shop! We specialize in paint correction & ceramic coating and have coated over 200 Cars!

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