Should You Get Your Windows Tinted?


If you are wondering about the advantages of window tinting for your vehicle, this blog by Gloss Technique in Fresno, CA, will be very helpful for you. We will take you through some of the benefits of window tinting and will share some advantages of getting window tint installed on your vehicle. Let’s find out more!

Why Should We Apply Window Tinting To Cars?

Window tinting is a scratch resistant thin film that attaches to the interior of automobile windows and is often created from a polyester base. There are several advantages of car window tinting which you should know about if you are considering getting it for your vehicle.

Improve your privacy.

Your privacy will be improved with window tinting. With tinted windows, intruders and other motorists will not be able to see inside your car. It’s a clever method to prevent theft from inside your vehicle. Leaving an unprotected phone or laptop in the back seat encourages theft. Car owners feel safer knowing that any valuables in their vehicle are less apparent if their automobile’s windows are tinted.

Reduce the heat inside your vehicle

Window tinting lowers the inside temperature of your car. It reduces the heat from direct sunshine on hot days, making your car’s interior more pleasant. Low transparency window tints reduce heat inside your vehicle by up to 70%, which you should consider but keep in mind your state’s tint restrictions. Furthermore, you will use less fuel since your vehicle’s air conditioning will not have to work as hard to keep you comfortable. Direct sunlight may also harm or discolor the upholstery in your car, making it look dull and faded.

Avoid Harmful UV Rays

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight is harmful to your health. A suitable window tint can protect your skin while driving by blocking 99% of dangerous UV radiation. Sunburns can also happen while driving in direct sunlight. Window tint is advisable if you have a sun allergy or other skin problems.

Stop Shattered Glass.

Window tint may also protect you and your vehicle in a car accident by preventing your windows from shattering everywhere. Even if the window breaks, the tint usually retains the fragments of glass together, making you safer in the event of an accident.

How does window tinting work?

This is how most tints should be applied:

  • The insides of the windows should be meticulously cleaned.
  • The film will be shaped, sliced, and prepared on the exterior of the glass.
  • A heat gun and a card will be utilized to eliminate any air bubbles from the film.
  • The film will stick inside the window, where it will be helped to set by applying soapy water.
  • A strong edge will be used to squeeze away any water trapped between the glass and the film until everything is clear.

Ceramic Pro Window Tinting At Gloss Technique In Fresno, CA

Window tinting at Gloss Technique in Fresno, CA, consists of two common packages. Let’s take a look at some different options!

Ceramic IR manufactured by Ceramic Pro

The KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film is the most advanced car window film ever created. We manufactured window tint film that filters up to 96% of infrared heat using our exclusive nano ceramic technology, providing you with the greatest inside cabin experience. In addition, our window films offer great protection against cancer causing UV radiation, keeping you and your passengers safe.

Ceramic Color Stable by Ceramic Pro

KAVACA Window Films were developed after a significant study into appearance and performance. A similar design technique is used in KAVACA Carbon Color Stable Window Film, which uses a unique combination of nano-carbon particles and IR blocking compounds to block up to 70% of infrared heat. Not only does our film minimize heat inside your car, but it also provides SPF500, which protects 99%+ of UV rays.

If you are looking for the best window tinting in Fresno, CA, look no further than Gloss Technique. We offer high quality window tinting along with a lifetime warranty for your window tint from Ceramic Pro. Furthermore, we have a highly qualified team to install the window tint and restore your car to pristine condition. Call us at (559) 422-0947, or you can visit us at 1945 N Fine Ave #105, Fresno, CA 93727, to book your appointment today!

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