Best Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, and Window Tinting at Gloss Technique in Selma, CA.

Gloss Technique is a highly regarded local company that offers various services such as Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, Window Tinting, and Paint Correction. We use the latest products and a highly trained crew from Selma, CA. Please contact us at 557-422-0947. Gloss Technique is ready to protect your car! 

Gloss Technique Selma, CA comprises Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, Paint Correction, and Window Tinting.

Gloss Technique is the highest-rated detailing firm in town when it comes to keeping your car looking like new! Our top priority objective is to provide the most acceptable value while meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Gloss Technique Selma, CA, offers Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, Window Tinting, and Paint Correction finishing services. Gloss Technique’s dedicated team can answer any questions you may have. To make an appointment, please call Gloss Technique at 557-422-0947.

If you are tired of eliminating blemishes from your vehicle, Gloss Technique is an excellent partner for you! Our team is enthusiastic about making your vehicle look like new again!


Gloss Technique Selma, CA

Selma, CA, is a city in Fresno County. Selma had its start thanks to farmland and the Southern Pacific Railroad. The Southern Pacific’s path through California’s Central Valley gave birth to many tiny communities between Sacramento and Bakersfield. Wheat farming was Selma’s original economic engine. Still, it was supplanted by orchards and vineyards once farmers discovered how well peaches, plums, and grapes thrived in the sandy soil, irrigated with snowmelt water brought through canals from the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountain range. There are eight neighborhood elementary schools in the Selma Unified School District. Students from these schools are routed via Abraham Lincoln Middle School and on to Selma High School or one of two alternative high schools.


gloss technique ceramic coating Selma, CA

Gloss Technique Ceramic Coating Selma, CA

Ceramic Pro Ceramic coatings at Gloss Technique in Selma, CA, are long-lasting and produce a smooth, sparkling surface with no flaws. It also helps avoid corrosion, allowing you to obtain more fantastic value from your investment in the long run!

Gloss Technique Paint Protection Film Selma, CA

Paint protection film for automobiles can help protect your vehicle's paint from environmental elements that can cause paint to fade or lose its sheen. It's an excellent way to keep your vehicle appearing newer for longer!

Gloss Technique Window Tinting Selma, CA

Window tinting can lower heat inside the car by blocking up to 99 percent of damaging UV rays from reaching the glass. Additionally, car window tinting is an excellent technique to improve automobile security and safeguard your vehicle from break-ins.

Gloss Technique Paint Correction Selma, CA

If the paint on your automobile is scratched or discolored, Paint Correction is an excellent option. Paint Correction can smooth out blemished paint surfaces and even restore the luster of older automobiles, making your car's paint like new!

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