Paint protection film Gloss Technique Fresno CA
Paint Protection Film

Does Paint Protection Film Work?

Everyone wants to protect their car from harsh weather and imperfections. What is the best way to enhance your vehicle and maintain it in pristine

Paint correction for new car Gloss Technique Fresno CA
Paint Correction

Do New Cars Need Paint Correction?

Light scratches and direct sunlight will deteriorate and fade a vehicle’s paint. We must use a specialist technique called “Paint Correction” to correct flaws in

ceramic coating maintenance
Ceramic Coatings

What Can We Do To Maintain A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating protects the exterior from environmental elements, enhancing the car’s value! But over time, your Ceramic Coating will not function well with improper care.

paint correction
Paint Correction

Swirls Scratches and Water Spot Removal

How Swirls, Scratches, & Hard Water Spots Happen & The Answer to Regaining Showroom Shine In this article, you will learn what causes paint to

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